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Our ears, nose and throat are an intertwined system that we are reliant on for tasting, hearing, breathing, smelling and hearing. With our ears, nose and throat making up our sensory system, it’s imperative that all function properly. But, when one part of this vital system, or the entire system fails or causes problem and discomfort, it can impede life dramatically.

At Seattle, Washington’s NW Face Medical, we strive to correct all disorders of the ears, nose and throat, while helping patients have optimum performance from each. We realize that the ability to hear, speak and breathe are important; therefore, when this sensory system is compromised, it’s imperative that you seek proper, effective and efficient medical care to correct any ailments. For 25 years, Seattle’s NW Face Medical has been meeting the ENT needs of residents, using the most innovative, cutting edge and effective tools to treat an array of conditions affecting the ears, nose and throat.

The doctors of NW Face Medical will offer you complete care of your ears, nose and throat, using the most ground-breaking techniques, to address and remedy plaguing ENT problems. Seattle’s Drs. Sunil Ummat and Ludwig Allegra are some of the most experienced ENT specalists who will take the time to come to know your medical history and current lifestyle. With such information, they will formulate a treatment plan that will address your ENT ailments, while using the most advanced diagnostics, treatments and therapies. Additionally, you’ll understand the cause of your discomfort, as well as various treatment options available to you.

Understanding the Ear, Nose and Throat System

Many of us never contemplate the connection between our ears, nose and throat, until there is an issue. For example, you may be suffering from a sore throat and have an inability to hear clearly. Perhaps you have issues with your nose and a limited ability to effectively taste your food and/or beverages.

Ear infections, diseases of the throat, sleep apnea, chronic sinusitis are but just some of the ailments that affect our ENT system. When you see an ENT specialist to help correct bothersome and depleting ear, nose and throat conditions, you’re seeing a doctor with specialized training, that can proficiently and skillfully diagnose your problems. Whether it’s a lingering common cold, chronic snoring or even an inexplicable sore throat coupled with fatigue, an ENT specialist can help.

Unfortunately, many suffer from various ENT conditions, with some individuals having severe or chronic ENT illnesses. Some of the most common disorders of the ears, nose and throat include, but aren’t limited to:

Ears: ringing (Tinnitus), severe wax build up, infections, ear swelling and tenderness, diminished or complete hearing loss or hearing impairment, dizziness, vertigo, ear drum damage, ear pain and pressure, nausea and vomiting and loss of balance or stability.

Nose: Severe nasal discharge (that discharge can vary in color as well as texture and thickness), blood from the nose, swollen or painful nostrils, severe congestion, inability to smell or breathe, fever and fatigue

Throat: pain during swallowing, swollen, inflamed tonsils, inexplicable feeling of “scratchiness” in the throat, enlarged lymph nodes, strep throat, Laryngitis or the inability to speak, the inability to eat, sing or swallow and abnormal nodules or growths located in the throat or at the back of the tongue.

While there are many different conditions that can develop within the ENT system, our Seattle based ENT specialists can treat your issues using multiple therapies and support.

Answers to Bellevue ENT Questions

  • Asymmetry: one side does not match the other
  • Border: the edges are irregular
  • Color: uneven tone in shades of black, blue or tan
  • Diameter: an increase in size
  • Evolving: dramatic change as seen within a week or month

What is the formal name of an ENT doctor & what training is required to become one?

An ENT doctor is referred to as an otolaryngologist. Generally, otolaryngologists can practice medicine, after successfully completing 15 years of college and post-graduate instruction. To become certified by the American Board of Otolaryngology, applicants are required to complete undergraduate studies and graduate from an accredited college or university. Additionally, they must complete four years of medical school. Afterward, there is at least five years of specialty ENT training that is required.

Is there a difference between an ENT doctor and an otolaryngologist?

There is no difference between an ENT doctor and an otolaryngologist. An ENT doctor and an otolaryngologist are one in the same. However, given the complexity of the formal name, ENT doctor is used more frequently than otolaryngologist.

Why choose an ENT doctor over your primary care physician?

Primary care physicians are highly skilled, dedicated doctors who can successfully diagnose an array of disorders. However, there are times in which chronic conditions with the ears, nose and throat need the expertise of an ENT doctor. With particular training in the disorders of the ears, nose and throat, an ENT doctor can find specific and even underlying causes. Seattle’s NW Face Medical offer patients board-certified otolaryngologists, dedicated to helping individuals feel their best. With decades of experience, Seattle Drs. Sunil Ummat and Ludwig Allegra will provide patients comprehensive care in a welcoming and warm environment. Patients can feel confident turning to NW Face Medical for problems with their ears, nose and throat.

How can an ENT doctor help with my sinus problems?

If you suffer from acute or chronic sinus problems, your Seattle ENT doctor can assist. Thanks to ground-breaking technology and advances in medicine, conditions such as sinusitis, post nasal drip, constant runny nose, abnormal nose discharge and other problems due to problematic sinuses can be addressed and successfully remedied. Some common therapies for your sinus problems include:

Antibiotic therapy- Your sinus problems may be treated with antibiotics. At NW Face Medical, we will take the time to gather as much medical history about you as we can, discuss your activities, investigate your lifestyle and habits, and provide detailed testing, ensuring the proper and correct antibiotic treatment plan for you. In addition to prescribing you an antibiotic, we may also prescribe a nasal decongestant, spray or oral medication to help relieve your congestion and open your sinus passages.  

Sinus surgery- The professionals at Seattle’s NW Face Medical take great pride in offering patient’s sinus treatments that are efficient and effective. In many instances, sinus surgery may be the most viable option for successful sinus treatment. Your surgery will be based upon your needs, the sinus disorders you suffer from and your medical history. It is important to note that sinus surgery is used as a last resort.

How can an ENT doctor help with my sleep disorders?

Chronic snoring and sleep apnea plague a large percentage of the population. Snoring happens when air cannot freely move through a person’s nose and throat while sleeping. Given such, the surrounding tissues will vibrate, causing the sound referred to as snoring.

Sleep apnea is a serious condition, noted with breathing repeatedly starting and stopping. Patients who suffer from sleep apnea may awaken from their night’s sleep fatigued, irritable and even possibly with a sore throat and dry mouth.  Obstructive sleep apnea, is marked by the throat muscles becoming relaxed, then restricted during sleep.

At NW Face Medical, we provide through treatments to treat sleep apnea and snoring, and improve sleep. Some of the most common therapies include:

CPAP– A CPAP stands for continuous positive airway pressure machine. This device can aid with both sleep apnea and snoring. The CPAP device helps to blow room air into the back of the patient’s throat, which helps to prevent it from collapsing.

Surgery- Once all other treatments are exhausted or seen as ineffective, surgery will be discussed. At NW Face Medical, our doctors perform surgeries to remedy snoring and sleep apnea with high success rates. Generally, a surgery prescribed to treat sleep apnea and snoring will take place at the roof of a patient’s mouth, the back of the throat or the patient’s nose. Drs. Ummat and Allegra perform surgeries for snoring and sleep apnea with precision and immense skill. 

What are my ENT treatment options at NW Face Medical?

Before discussing any ENT treatment option for you, we will begin the treatment of your ears, nose and/or throat with a detailed and all-inclusive consulation. There, you can ask questions, share concerns, and indicate past experiences. Next, you will receive a comprehensive medical examination. Our doctors will inspect your ears, nose and throat, provide you with information and validation of visible deformities, ailments and issues. Our ultimate responsibilities and goals are to ensure that you have a thorough understanding of your disorders and complete information about the best course of treatment for you.

Many of our ENT treatments and solutions include but aren’t limited to:

    • – Endoscopy
    • – Allergy Testing
    • – Tonsil Surgery
    • – Sinus Cultures
    • – Sinus CT Imaging
    • – Balloon Sinuplasty
    • – Nasal Polyp Surgery
    • – Endoscopic Sinus Surgery
    • – In-Home Sleep Apnea Testing


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For the debilitating and life-diminishing ear, nose and throat disorders you face, Drs. Allegra and Ummat stand ready as the qualified and dedicated ENT doctors you need and deserve. As board-certified physicians, both have extensive experience in ENT diagnoses, treatments and surgeries. Each has over two decades of ENT expertise. Furthermore, each doctor works in a team environment, to help an array of patients, from various walks of life with ENT sicknesses and problems.  At Seattle’s NW Face Medical, we strive to help you live a life in which you can use all of your senses easily and comfortably.

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