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Sinus surgery can refer to many different procedures used to treat chronic sinusitis or correct breathing problems. Most commonly, this refers to endoscopic sinus surgery which is a procedure that clears blockages in the sinuses. Occasionally, not enough is cleared from the sinuses or the blockages can return. When this occurs, your original symptoms may return or the surgery did not adequately treat them. The talented and qualified Ear, Nose, & Throat surgeons at Northwest Face Medical can examine if revision sinus surgery may benefit you. Northwest Face Medical offers revision sinus surgery in Kirkland and Bellevue.


Sinus surgeries of every type have high success rates. With the use of cutting edge imaging technology, ENT surgeons can be more precise and reduce the chances of symptoms coming back. If symptoms do recur, there are many reasons and options for these patients. One of them is revision sinus surgery.

Revision sinus surgery constitutes a surgical procedure performed to correct the recurrence of symptoms or treat new ones that appear. Revision surgery can also occur years after the initial surgery. Sometimes, sinus symptoms can come back years or decades later, even if your original sinus surgery was performed correctly and successfully. The basic understanding of revision sinus surgery is that the patient has undergone a sinus procedure before. 

Most sinus procedures fully treat symptoms and provide long lasting, if not life long, relief. When they do not, however, the ENT surgeons at Northwest Face Medical can perform a revision of the previous surgery. The revision sinus surgery in Kirkland may consist of the same sinus procedure you had previously, or a different one. It will depend on your individual needs, symptoms, and diagnosis.

Types Of Sinus Surgery

There are many types of sinus surgeries that treat a variety of sinus concerns and problems. The three main procedures that ENT surgeons perform to clear blockages in the sinuses include:


Other surgeries may provide sinus relief and could have the possibility of revision, such as a septoplasty. Generally, revision sinus surgery focuses on procedures meant to clear the sinuses. What do these sinus procedures consist of?

Balloon Sinus Surgery: A balloon sinus surgery widens the sinuses to provide relief from sinus pressure. The sinuses are usually flushed while the balloon alters the structure of the sinuses. Widening the sinuses can promote a cessation of chronic sinusitis symptoms. This procedure can be effective in many patients suffering chronic sinus problems.

Endoscopic Sinus Surgery: Endoscopic sinus surgery is a sinus procedure where an ENT surgeon uses an endoscope during the procedure. This often prevents them having to make external incisions. While techniques can vary, the main goal of the procedure is to relieve sinus symptoms caused from blocked sinuses. An ENT surgeon may also address other issues such as nasal polyps during the procedure.

Stealth Sinus Surgery: Similar to endoscopic sinus surgery, stealth sinus surgery uses imaging technology to reduce the invasiveness of sinus procedures. It allows for a more precise removal of sinus blockages. It typically results in less trauma and fewer complications than traditional methods.


After undergoing a sinus surgery like those detailed above, most patients find relief from their symptoms. However, some patients may begin to experience chronic sinus symptoms again. The most common causes for the need of a revision sinus surgery include:

  • Original surgery was incomplete, not fully clearing the blockages
  • Patient received an incorrect or incomplete diagnosis and the surgery did not adequately address the causes of their chronic sinusitis
  • Development of a new sinus condition or problem
  • Commonly recurring sinus problems such as nasal polyps

Nasal polyps are a common culprit for revision sinus surgery. Often, the only complete nasal polyp treatment is a sinus surgery. However, even with a perfectly performed procedure, nasal polyps can come back, leading to the need for another sinus surgery.

Also, moving to new environments, medical history, and age can all contribute to the development of new sinus problems. You should discuss this fully with our Kirkland ENT doctors, Dr. Ludwig Allegra and Dr. Sunil Ummat.

How To Tell If Revision Is Necessary?

In most cases when sinus surgery is performed, it is a last resort. Sinus surgery patients usually cannot find relief from more conservative treatments and management. The goal of sinus surgery is to alleviate sinus symptoms. 

Therefore, if someone who had a sinus procedure experiences symptoms again, it is a sign that revision sinus surgery is necessary. After ruling out other possibilities and new CT scans, our Kirkland ENT surgeons can confirm the need for revision sinus surgery.

Symptoms that may alert the need for revision can include:

How Will The Revision Surgery Differ From The Original Sinus Surgery?

The answer to this question will largely vary on the original surgery and the needs of each individual patient. If an incomplete surgery was performed, you may undergo the same procedure to remove the additional blockage. If it was an incorrect diagnosis, a totally different sinus procedure may be necessary. 

Dr. Allegra and Dr. Ummat can determine the specifics of your Kirkland revision sinus surgery after a thorough consultation and examination. Every revision sinus surgery performed at Northwest Face & Body is custom tailored to the individual patient. This reduces the need for further sinus treatment.


When a patient begins to experience chronic sinusitis symptoms again, this can immediately alert for the need for revision sinus surgery. At this point, it is important to schedule a consultation with one of our ENT surgeons at Northwest Face Medical.

Before Surgery

The first step to determining if you need revision sinus surgery is to consult with the best Kirkland ENT doctors, Dr. Ludwig Allegra and Dr. Sunil Ummat. At a consultation, your doctor will want to know about your sinus problems, the previous surgery, and your medical history.

Dr. Allegra or Dr. Ummat will then likely perform a physical exam. They may also order CT scans. The scans can take place at Northwest Face Medical, normally on the same day as your consultation. This will allow them to see the internal structures of your sinuses and nasal passages. From the CT scan, Dr. Allegra and Dr. Ummat can often determine the cause of revision surgery, or if another condition may be causing the returning symptoms.

At this point, they can determine whether revision surgery will adequately treat your symptoms. If revision sinus surgery will benefit you, they will explain the type of sinus surgery and technique they will use.

During Surgery

The actual surgical procedure performed will vary based on your needs and the previous sinus surgery. In most cases, the sinus surgery will utilize an endoscope or imaging technology. 

Your ENT surgeon in Kirkland will remove sinus blockages and may cut away tissue. Revision sinus surgery revises or creates clear sinus pathways. This prevents sinus build up and promotes the life long cessation of symptoms.

After Surgery

Following revision sinus surgery, the recovery will likely be similar to the original sinus surgery. Patients can usually resume work and basic daily activities within a few days to a week. You may experience some minor side effects like swelling, bleeding, and sinus pressure.

Therefore, your ENT doctor will likely prescribe pain medication and antibiotics to reduce post-operative pain and prevent infection. You should also avoid strenuous activities for at least a week and not blow your nose for 24 hours. Depending on the procedure, Dr. Allegra or Dr. Ummat will instruct you to perform nasal rinses beginning the day following surgery.

Since sinus procedures have become less invasive with time, patients often recover well. The Northwest Face Medical team will help you through every step of your recovery.


Choosing a sinus surgeon to perform revision sinus surgery can be a stressful endeavor. At Northwest Face Medical, our two Ear, Nose, and Throat doctors are experts in revision sinus surgery. With a deep understanding of the sinuses and surgical advancements, Dr. Ludwig Allegra and Dr. Sunil Ummat perform the best revision sinus surgery in Kirkland.

Dr. Allegra and Dr. Ummat know that needing revision sinus surgery can be frustrating. They aim to solve your sinus issues with revision sinus surgery. Using advanced technology, Dr. Allegra and Dr. Ummat minimize trauma and use internal incisions in most cases. 

To schedule a consultation at Northwest Face Medical, call us at 425-522-0555 or contact us using the form on this page. Also, you can chat with us using the icon in the lower left corner. 

About Our Kirkland ENT Surgeons

Dr. Ludwig Allegra is a talented sinus surgeon with over 35 years of experience in treating sinus disorders and conditions. He has performed over 8,000 sinus surgeries. Along with treating sinusitis and other medical conditions, Dr. Allegra also performs cosmetic procedures. Thus, aiding on the journey to reaching their medical and cosmetic goals.

Dr. Sunil Ummat received his medical degree in Canada and completed additional training at Harvard Medical School. He has extensive experience in sinus surgery. Dr. Ummat has performed over 6,000 sinus surgeries throughout his over 15 years as a practicing ENT surgeon.

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