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We are excited to announce the opening of our Allergy Department at NWFace. We now are able to offer our patients a more extensive and comprehensive approach to their healthcare with allergy testing and treatment directly available through our clinic.

Allergy testing includes:

  • pollens, trees, grass and weeds
  • common molds
  • dust mites
  • various epidermals
  • dogs and cats
  • feathers (chicken, duck, goose)
  • cockroaches

The procedure to remove a parathyroid adenoma is performed under general anesthesia administered by our MD Anesthesiologist and takes approximately one to two hours; for four-gland hyperplasia, the procedure may take slightly longer. A horizontal incision is made in the neck, typically in a natural skin crease to minimize the appearance of any scar after surgery. The adenoma is carefully dissected away from surrounding important structures, and once removed, the deeper layers of the wound and the skin are then sutured closed.

We offer a solution

Allergy Treatment options include:

  • avoidance
  • allergy medications
  • shots, done in the office on a weekly basis
  • sublingual (drops under the tongue), done daily at home

Allergy shots and drops, also known as immunotherapy, provides a long-term solution to the direct causes of allergies, gradually desensitizing the patient to allergy-causing agents providing relief from nasal allergies.

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