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Overgrowth of oil glands of the face

These are small pink-yellow bumps that often will have a pore in the center. These tend to occur on the forehead and temples most prominently and to a lesser extent the cheeks,nose and chin. Oilier skinned individuals tend to have more of them and they can be single but more often occur as a crop of small bumps in the late 30s which continue to grow slowly with time. These lesions are benign in nature and can reach up to the size of a pencil eraser if left to grow over 30 years. Sebaceous hyperplasia have no symptoms and even though they may appear to be a sort of pimple, nothing really can be expressed from them and they remain a constant fixture of the skin with time.

Sebaceous Hyperplasia Treatment

I prefer to use electrodessication which is pinpoint melting of the excessive oil glands. This is done under local anesthetic. Immediately after the procedure the patient appears to have bad acne that has been picked at. The healing is quick and occurs in one week. More than one treatment may be necessary to get rid of many of them, but many can be treated at one time.

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