Rosacea (pronounced roh-ZAY-sha) is a common skin problem affecting millions of people. It can affect both men and women and is more common in people with fair skin. The diagnosis divides into two types. One is Erythmatic telangiectatic and the other is Papulo-pustular. Treatment for the conditions is different, so it is important to know which type you have. We have very good to excellent treatments for this condition.

The erythmatic-telangiectatic type of rosacea is more of a neurovascular inherited issue. People with this type often have a tendency to flush or blush easilywith development of permanent redness (erythema) of the face with “broken” blood vessels or telangiectasias. Treatment for this is best with a V-Beam ( pulsed dye laser) and FotoFacial (IPL ) that interacts with the superficial vessels on the face to make them shrink with very minimal downtime. There are some blanching creams available but they do not seem to be very popular with our patients.

The papulo-pustular type has red bumps or pus-filled bumps are common especially across the cheeks and nose and sometimes appearing on the forehead or chin. The current theory on etiology for this type is that the normal mites that live in our skin (Demodex) have an infection. Drugs that kill the mite (ivermectin) have been extremely helpful in treating this disorder, V-Beam is also helpful, as it kills the mites and takes away the redness. Other topical antibiotics tend to help control the mites infection (metronidazole) and some azeleic acid helps with the inflammation.

Rhinophyma is incorrectly listed under rosacea in textbooks as an end effect of rosacea, however, this is a separate entity caused by an overgrowth of sebaceous tissue of the nose, only seen in men, and has nothing to do with alcohol ingestion. The Cyrano de Bergerac type nose is thick and lumpy. It can be trimmed down with electrodesiccation sculpting under local anesthetic.

For additional information, The National Rosacea Society has website with the latest information:

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